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After two years of hard work and planning, Dubai’s bid to host Expo 2020 had reached 850 million people!

Dubai will be the first country to host this World Expo in Middle East, Africa and South Asia. The event will cover the rich cultures from across the globe and innovative projects and inventions.

Back in 2013 when Dubai was announced as the host of Expo 2020, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE, Sheikh Mohammed, promised that Dubai would ‘astonish the world’ in 2020. Keeping his promise, we all can see how Dubai is preparing itself to welcome people from 192 countries and showcasing an event where phenomenal and exceptional exhibitions, diplomatic encounters, business meetings, public discussions and live shows will take place and all at the same time, same place.
Dubai’s sophistication, top-class infrastructure, an exceptional business hub with advanced technology and true innovation makes it fully geared up and ready to create an exceptional and unforgettable World Expo.

Here is everything you need to know about Dubai Expo 2020! 

When and where?

This international show will be taking place between 20th October 2020 and 10th April 2021. The Expo site is located in Dubai South, close to Al Maktoum International Airport.

Hotels and Accommodation

Heading to Dubai Expo 2020, the first and the foremost thing one would do is to search for a decent hotel. The location of this exposition lets you enjoy the exclusive and luxurious hotels that provide you a stay within easy reach of Expo 2020. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to do all the hotel bookings in advance due to the popularity of this international Expo and people visiting it from all over the world.


If we look into the theme of the Expo i.e. Connecting Minds, Creating the Future, it shows that the theme is built on an aim – an aim to build partnerships and inspire ideas that will forge the world of tomorrow. There are three main sub-themes to the event: Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.Each participating country will have its own pavilion, while there will also be a pavilion for each of the main themes, these will take pride of place within three incredible UAE pavilions.

Opportunity – Expo 2020 aims to unlock this potential in a number of ways, such as supporting solutions to social problems and to encourage a desire in us to better the world.

Mobility – It focuses on how technology and artificial intelligence has helped us explore new limits, and how humanity is making greater progress than ever through digital connectivity.

Sustainability– This pavilion takes you through an experience which will show how a balance is required between nature’s phenomenal miracles and Earth’s corrupted wonders.

Entertainment and Extravaganza

Other than the pavilions, there will be a lot of other experiences for the visitors to explore. This includes the world’s biggest 360-degree projection surface with high end fine dine options to street style cuisines’ kiosks and also a rotating observation tower for guests to have a bird’s-eye view of the expo. The expo will also show live performances by comedians, dancers, acrobats, entertainers, as well as fashion shows, educational workshops and a number of panel discussions and talks on public issues. In addition to these, a proper schedule of cultural activities is made which will entertain the visitors by switching spotlight to different countries every day. This will allow each country to showcase their cultural notions and taste. One day you might enjoy the alluring rhythms of Brazilian music and the other day you can have the taste of Italian cuisines and fashion houses of Milan.

The public has been enthusiastic about the Expo. In a March 2019 survey, Dubai residents are confident that Expo 2020 will deliver a positive impact on the economy, society and culture.

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