About Us

Providing meticulous and swift travel services for all globetrotters

Who We Are

MAK Travel and Tourism LLC is an end-to-end travel management company that focuses on rendering a deck of robust travelling services. Comprising of state-of-the-art infrastructure, extensive industry knowledge and passion to evolve the travel and tourism sector, we are well equipped to render leisure, corporate and meeting management services. MAK empowers its client to have amesmerizing experience exploring the terrains of Dubai.

MAK Travel and Tourism has paved its path to success due to a modern and flexible modus operandi. Our speedy growth in a short span of time is a testament of our dedication to continuous growth and excellence. This zest and passion has earned us customer’s trust in our unparalleled services.

Our Mission

At MAK, we operate to provision premium quality servicesto reform the travel and tourism industry. The mission is to achieve the highest level of efficiency in customer satisfaction by leveraging our high-end facilities in combination with our expertise.

Our Vision

Our vision is to surpass all the big sharks in the market and become the leading travel and tourism agency, which renders innovative solutions meeting consumer demands. MAK is created to lead and leave a mark in the industry.